We want you to be satisfied with our products. Therefore we would like to point out the following:

1. Our Products

Please keep in mind that all of our wall tattoo and 3D printing products are only made especially for you after receipt of payment for your order. You will not receive stock items! Therefore, make a conscious decision, also for the sake of the environment, which products you order.

Our products are described in detail in the shop (article and material description). If you still have questions, you can contact us by phone or via our inquiry form.

The product images that can be called up in our online shop cannot reflect the goods in terms of quality, dimensions and color true to the original. Such deviations do not constitute a defect.

The color samples available for our wall tattoos in the shop cannot reliably reproduce the original tone. Depending on the screen setting, you may deviate from the original sound. So use our color sample service to find the right original shade.

2. Before Ordering

Before placing your order, please check whether your wall is suitable for mounting our products. Warranty claims do not exist if your wall does not have the necessary properties for sticking with adhesive foils.

Our wall tattoos are suitable for fine and medium woodchip wallpaper, fine plaster, metal, tiles, glass, smooth wood, smooth plaster and plastic. Make sure the surface is free from dust, grease, silicone, latex and acrylic. Non-woven wallpapers with a dirt-repellent protective film are not suitable as a base for wall tattoos. Binders such as silicates and synthetic resins are also unsuitable as a substrate. Freshly wallpapered and/or painted walls should dry and/or harden at least 3 weeks before application.

If you are not sure whether the wall tattoo could stick to your surface or whether the color matches your interior, order up to five free test strips in the colors of your choice here www.wandalas.com/teststrip

You can find a detailed table on liability on different surfaces here: https://www.wandalas.com/adhesion

There are no warranty rights if you have accidentally given the order incorrect information, e.g. B. in relation to the item, size or color. Therefore, please check your order very carefully before you send it off.

3. Before Assembly

Self-adhesive products should be installed promptly after delivery and not stored for a period of several months, as the adhesive strength can decrease with longer storage.

Please read the user manual carefully before installing our products. We are not liable for damage or defects that are due to non-compliance with our instructions or non-observance of our instructions.

Freshly painted walls should be dry for at least 14 days beforehand. With freshly plastered walls, the waiting time should be even longer.

Temperature and/or humidity fluctuations in the room can affect the adhesive strength and the material of our wall tattoos. Our products should therefore not be installed in rooms with high humidity. We assume no liability for non-compliance.

The bonding temperature should be at least 15°C. Cold and damp walls can make fixing difficult. Before you start with the installation, the wall tattoo should be unrolled and left in the same room as the surface to be stuck for about an hour. This allows the material to adapt to room temperature. Please keep this in mind, especially in winter when the wall decal is delivered cold.

Bubbles may form due to the heat differences during transport. These do not affect the quality of our products. The air pockets can be carefully removed with the squeegee.

4. Complaints

Should there be a complaint, please contact our customer service at kontakt@wandalas.de. You can find more information about returns here: https://www.wandalas.com/return-info