Platoniska kroppar - Platonic Solids - Livets byggstenar - Wallsticker

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Platonic Solids Wall Art Set

When we talk about Sacred Geometry, the Platonic solids are often mentioned. They are perfectly regular bodies, whose surfaces consist of polygons that are equal in size, equilateral, and equiangular. At each vertex, an equal number of faces meet. The five geometric figures can all be derived from the Flower of Life, the Fruit of Life, and Metatron's Cube, making them some of the most important symbols of Sacred Geometry.

These regular polyhedra were named after the Greek philosopher Plato and referred to as cosmic bodies. Plato (427-347 BCE, a student of Socrates) described the regular geometric forms in his book Timaeus and associated them with the elements. Plato believed that these five bodies represent the fundamental building blocks of the material world. Indeed, these are the only five bodies on which everything else is based. These forms appear everywhere in nature and can be seen as the building blocks of life. All forms of metals, crystals, or organic life are based on the Platonic solids. Even Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, and Pythagoras recognized and utilized these patterns of creation. Everything in the universe follows certain laws, patterns, forms, rules, and figures. Johannes Kepler used the Platonic solids, like Pythagoras, to find harmony in the celestial spheres. He tried to associate the planets and their orbits with the platonic solids in his book Mysterium Cosmographicum (The Cosmographic Mystery, 1596). Through his experiments, he discovered that the planets move in ellipses, not circles. In his book Harmonices Mundi (The Harmony of the World, 1619), he also made a connection between the Platonic solids and the four or five elements. Kepler was convinced of the validity of astrology and believed that planetary events and constellations are connected with earthly events. He predicted the future, and most of it came true.

In art, the five Platonic solids have often been utilized, and in nature, we find them in crystals, such as pyrite cubes, fluorite octahedrons or tetrahedrons, alum octahedrons, garnet dodecahedrons. Waldorf schools teach the topic "Cubic Systems/Platonic Solids". The cubic crystal system, or cubic lattice, belongs to the seven crystal systems in crystallography and is a system for describing the crystal structure of a solid. The five fundamental Platonic solids are also known in the cubic system.

Organic hydrocarbon molecules form Platonic bodies, there are icosahedral clusters of atoms and molecules, found in radiolarians and snowflakes or in icosahedral viruses (Adeno- & Hepatitis A & C virus). Plato wrote: "People get sick when they have too many icosahedra in their body."

Carbon molecules (fullerenes) are dodecahedral, hollow, closed molecules with high symmetry. They are arranged in pentagons and hexagons. The best-studied fullerene is the Buckminsterfullerene molecule. It represents a universally valid principle of matter construction, whether in the micro or macrocosmos. It consists of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons, together forming a truncated icosahedron (an Archimedean body). A soccer ball has the same structure and is also called a soccer molecule (footballene).

The 5 basic forms are associated with different effects:

  • Tetrahedron: Consists of four triangles, element Fire, enthusiasm + dynamism, Solar Plexus Chakra. It acts like a spiritual fire, cleansing our energy fields and recharging them with new light energy.
  • Hexahedron: Consists of six squares, also called a cube or cubus, element Earth, support + stability, Root Chakra. In the energy field of the hexahedron, we can find peace, concentration, and healing.
  • Octahedron: Consists of eight triangles, element Air, knowledge + mediation, Heart Chakra. It helps us to view situations from multiple directions, expand our perspective, and find solutions.
  • Dodecahedron: Consists of twelve pentagons, element Aether (Prana, Chi, life energy) and for the cosmos as a whole, life energy, light + love, unity consciousness, Throat Chakra. With its help, we can build a protection (against harmful radiation) around us and gain new life energy.
  • Icosahedron: Consists of twenty triangles, element Water, sensitivity + devotion, Sacral Chakra. It ensures cleansing, balance, inner equilibrium, protection, and clarity.

The Platonic solids are the building blocks of all existence and thus the basis of all coarse and fine material energy levels. This makes the spiritual wall decor ideal for healing work and energy work. The Platonic solids embody light-filled and high-vibrating energy and support a spiritual life. During healing sessions, the magical signs can strengthen the energies of the corresponding element by visualizing the respective Platonic solid on the specific weak spot.

This wallsticker fits perfectly in any room where we want to absorb positive vibrations. It is also an excellent wall picture for yoga studios, massage practices, meditation rooms, or treatment rooms of naturopaths. Use the powerful magical symbols for meditating, manifesting, grounding, harmonizing, energizing, and to bring order to your thoughts. For the power and harmony of your thoughts make up your creative force.

Platoniska kroppar - Platonic Solids - Livets byggstenar - Wallsticker

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